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Invisalign treatment is supervised by Dr. Praveen Kurapati, MDS, Orthodontist. Multiple award winning Invisalign Dentist in Hyderabad. One of the Top most Invisalign provider in Asia Pacific region. More than 2000+ Invisalign Cases

What is Invisalign® ?

Invisalign is a state of the art alternative to traditional Braces where a clear set of invisible aligners are used to move your teeth and jaws gradually, to their most natural & desired positions. Invisalign treatment is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, backed by more than two decades of innovation and the treatment plan is a combination of science and art.

Why Invisalign is trusted by 15 Million Smiles Across the World:

  • Invisalign is backed by over 2 decades of innovation
  • Invisalign Braces are comfortable to wear
  • Easy to remove for cleaning & flossing
  • Invisalign Aligners are literally invisible
  • Invisalign Braces are less painful
  • Shorter Treatment duration Compared to other braces
  • Post treatment results are predictable

Different Types of Invisalign Aligners

As Invisalign aligner braces are custom made and individually manufactured to suit the patient’s specific dental problem, Invisalign provides different types of aligners based on complexity of the problem using Align technology. The different types of Invisalign Aligners, their purpose and approximate treatment duration is provided below :

Invisalign Aligner TypesSuitable forTreatment Duration
Invisalign i7
  • Minor teeth Alignment
  • Slanted Incisor
  • Slight Overbite
Approximately 3 months. On an average 7 sets of aligners are made per jaw.
Invisalign Lite
  • Small to medium visible teeth corrections
  • Childhood remnants
  • Deformity formed over a period of time
Approximately 3-6 months. Upto 14 aligners for the upper and lower jaws are used.
Invisalign Comprehensive (Full)
  • Crooked teeth alignment
  • Major teeth alignment
  • Minor to major gaps in teeth
Approximately 6-12 months based on the complexity and severity of the case.
Invisalign Teen
  • Teeth alignment and correction for adolescents (teenagers)
  • Specifically designed for teens to provide comfort, invisible and easy to use.
Approximately 6-12 months based on complexity of the teeth correction in teenagers.
Invisalign First (For Kids)
  • Children aged between 6-10 years
  • Helps prevent damage that might occur in future
  • Prevents teeth crowding, teeth gaps, narrow jaws
Approximately 6 months.

How much does Invisalign Cost?

The cost of Invisalign Aligners depends on the complexity of your teeth alignment. As Invisalign aligner sets are custom made to suit you and the number of sets needed for your teeth correction depends on the complexity of the problem.

Invisalign Braces cost starts from 1.3 Lakhs and can go upto 3.5 Lakhs

The exact cost of your Invisalign treatment will be determined by:

  • Extent of alignment your teeth require
  • The complexity of your case
  • How long you will be in treatment
  • The Invisalign provider you choose the treatment from

Typically the average Invisalign price is not much higher than regular traditional braces. and the unique benefits of Invisalign braces - like being able to remove the aligners out to eat and brush your teeth - often outweigh the slight difference in prices

What teeth problems can Invisalign treat?

Invisalign clear aligners can help treat the following teeth alignment problems :

  • Teeth Crowding
  • Teeth Spacing
  • Deep Bite Teeth correction
  • Overjet Teeth Alignment
  • Cross Bite Teeth Correction
  • Open Bite Teeth Correction
  • Midline teeth shift
  • Edge to Edge teeth Alignment

Invisalign Treatment

How Does Invisalign Treatment Work

At Park Dental Care, we make your invisalign journey easy, fast & convenient.

with flexible SmartTrack® material that makes braces nearly invisible, comfort and the results predictable. These invisible braces gradually(powered by SmartStage® and SmartForce® technologies) shift your teeth into their desired place. As per the customized orthodontic treatment plan, you will receive sets of these aligner trays, designed with 3D printing technology to exactly suit your teeth dimensions.

On the basis of your iTero Element® scan, photographs and digital x-rays, the ClinCheck® software will help us design a custom & precise plan for your treatment. The ClinCheck® software calibrates every shift of your teeth with the help of 15 Million smiles data and will move your teeth to their best position. It will also map the multiple stages needed to achieve the desired teeth correction. For each stage, you will receive a set of Invisalign trays to be worn on a daily basis.

The upper and lower teeth will have different pairs of aligners. These aligner sets sit on top of your teeth, shifting your teeth gradually to the desired position. Once a teeth shifting milestone is achieved, you will move on to the next stage of aligners set. This process will continue as per the treatment plan duration, thus providing the best shape and position for your teeth.

At Park Dental Care, Dr. Praveen Kurapati (MDS Orthodontist, Award winning Invisalign dentist) will plan the whole process in detail. He ensures that you are well aware of the treatment and its duration. What your milestones are, what improvement happens at each milestone, when are your follow-up appointments. You will also be able to visualize how your teeth will transform even before the start of treatment.

Invisalign Journey at Park Dental Care

Appointment 1

Initial Assessment followed by 5D iTero scan, & Instant Simulation. (Day 1)

The initial assement is done by Dr. Praveen Kurapati, a Diamond Black Invisalign Provider and India's Top 1% Invisalign Provider. Followed by a 5D iTero scan which will give you a 3D image of your teeth and also a pre visualization of your smile tranformation even before the start of the treatment. You will also be able to see, how your smile looks on your real time photo, teeth by teeth movement and jaw changes.



Appointment 2

ClinCheck® Analysis & Customized Treatment Plan (Day 3 )

A customized treatment plan will be created for you by Dr.Praveen Kurapati with the help of 5D Scan data, Photographs and X-rays taken on the1st appointment. Compiling & Analyzing all the data a customized treatment plan will be created using Invisalign's ClinCheck® software, a state-of-the-art modeling software that is know for its precision and accuracy.


Appointment 3

Invisalign Attachment Fixation (Day 21/Day 24)

On this appoinment you will receive your customized Invisalign aligners set along with attachment fixation and you will be provided with thorough instructions on how to wear and use your aligners. Also a virtual monitoring setup will be created for you which will let you download "MyInvisalign" app. The "MyInvisalign" app provides you with notifications regarding the change of aligner sets and you can also update the photographs of your progress and comments which will be reviewed by Dr. Praveen Kuarapti.



Appointment 4

Follow Up depending on Case Complexity

The followup appointment depends on the complexity of the case. Usually varies from 3-6 weeks from the commencement of your treatment. In this appoinment we will asses the progress and perform needful treatment.


Appointment 5

Final Smile Transformation

After finishing your last set of aligners, your case will be reviewed by Dr.Praveen Kurapati . Once you are satisfied with the outcome, A lingual bonded retainer will be placed, upon that you will be provided with Invisalign Vivera retainers which will help you retain your transformed smile.



Why Choose Invisalign Braces
@ Park Dental Care

Unlock Your Perfect Smile with Invisalign at Park Dental Care! Hyderabad's leading Diamond Plus Invisalign provider. Award-winning Invisalign dentist Dr.Praveen Kurapati, MDS Orthodontist and Cutting-edge Technology Guarantee Exceptional Teeth Alignment. Experience Discreet, Comfortable, and Swift Invisalign Treatment.

Experienced and Skilled Professionals : The team at Park Dental Care boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in orthodontics and Invisalign treatment. Led by highly skilled orthodontist, Dr. Praveen Kurapati who is dedicated to crafting personalized treatment plans that cater to each patient's unique needs and goals.

Cutting-edge Technology : Park Dental Care is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures accurate diagnostics, precise treatment planning, and optimal results. From digital impressions to 3D modeling, our advanced 5D iTeroScan contributes to a streamlined and comfortable Invisalign experience.

Customized Treatment Approach : Understanding that every smile is distinct, Park Dental Care takes a personalized approach to Invisalign treatment. Dr.Praveen Kurapati tailors each treatment plan to address specific alignment issues, ensuring that patients receive the most effective and efficient care possible.

Comfort and Convenience : Invisalign aligners offer a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. Park Dental Care's commitment to patient comfort extends beyond treatment options, encompassing a soothing and welcoming environment that puts patients at ease throughout their journey to a straighter smile.

Comprehensive Care : Park Dental Care provides comprehensive care, guiding patients through every step of the Invisalign process. From the initial consultation to regular check-ins and adjustments, our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and successful treatment experience.

Proven Results : With a track record of 2000+ successful Invisalign transformations, Dr. Praveen Kurapati showcases his ability to deliver consistent, high-quality outcomes. Patient testimonials and before-and-after photos highlight his commitment to achieving stunning smiles.

Patient-Centric Approach : Beyond the technical aspects, Park Dental Care prioritizes patient well-being and satisfaction. Our friendly staff goes the extra mile to create a warm and supportive atmosphere, fostering a strong patient-provider relationship built on trust and communication.

Benefits of Invisalign ?

Need more reasons to choose Invisalign over traditional braces?

icon  Discreet Appearance : Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, crafted from clear, transparent material. This allows you to undergo teeth straightening without drawing attention to your orthodontic treatment, which can be particularly appealing for adults and teenagers.

icon  Comfortable Fit : Invisalign aligners are custom-made using advanced digital technology, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Unlike traditional braces, they lack brackets and wires that may cause irritation and discomfort in the mouth.

icon  Removable : Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing you to easily take them out for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. This helps maintain optimal oral hygiene and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions.

icon  No Dietary Restrictions : With Invisalign, there are no restrictions on what you can eat, as you remove the aligners before meals. In contrast, traditional braces can limit your food choices to prevent damage to brackets and wires.

icon   Shorter Appointments : Invisalign treatment often requires fewer in-person visits to the orthodontist compared to regular adjustments for traditional braces. This can be especially convenient for individuals with busy schedules.

icon  Predictable Results : Invisalign uses advanced computer simulations to map out your teeth's movement, providing a clear visual representation of your treatment journey from start to finish. This predictability enhances the overall treatment experience.

icon  Less Disruption to Lifestyle : Invisalign aligners allow you to continue participating in sports, musical instruments, and other activities without the concerns associated with traditional braces, which can occasionally lead to discomfort or impact performance.

icon   Improved Oral Hygiene : As you can remove the aligners for brushing and flossing, maintaining proper oral hygiene is easier, reducing the risk of cavities and gum issues that may arise with traditional braces.

icon  Gradual and Gentle Movement : Invisalign employs a series of custom-made aligners that exert gentle and controlled pressure on your teeth, minimizing discomfort while ensuring effective and precise tooth movement.

icon  Enhanced Aesthetics : For individuals who prioritize aesthetics, Invisalign provides a clear advantage by allowing them to achieve their desired smile without the noticeable appearance of traditional braces.


Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks, and they are custom-made to fit your teeth.

Yes, Invisalign aligners are made from smooth and comfortable plastic, causing minimal irritation to your cheeks and gums.

The treatment duration varies depending on the complexity of your case, but on average, Invisalign treatment can take around 12 to 18 months.

You should remove your Invisalign aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water. This eliminates the risk of staining or damaging the aligners.

You can clean your aligners using a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water. Avoid using toothpaste as it may scratch the aligners. You can also use Invisalign cleaning crystals.

Yes, your orthodontist can provide you with a virtual simulation that shows how your teeth will move during each stage of the Invisalign treatment.

There might be a slight adjustment period as you get used to wearing the aligners, but most people find that their speech returns to normal within a few days.

Contact your orthodontist immediately. They will guide you on whether to move to the next set of aligners or if a replacement is needed.

It is possible to switch, but you should consult your orthodontist to determine if it's a suitable option for your situation.

Invisalign can be used for both teenagers and adults. There is no strict age limit, and suitability is determined by your orthodontist.

Typically, you'll have check-ups every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure your treatment is progressing as planned.

The cost can vary depending on the complexity of your case and location. In some cases, Invisalign can be comparable in cost to traditional braces.

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