What About Jaw Corretion?

Facial irregularities, jaw irregularities can be corrected or realigned to improve your facial appearance.

When the jaws and teeth do not come together in the correct way, orthognathic surgery may be required. It is possible to enhance speech, breathing, sleep apnoea, periodontal (gum) health, and facial aesthetics by repositioning the jaws so that the teeth meet (occlude) correctly. This improves jaw joint function as well as the capacity to chew (mastication).

Jaw surgery is typically a painless procedure.

It may be difficult to believe that very few patients actually experience pain because of this misconception, which gives the impression that the entire procedure is extremely invasive. This misconception is supported by thousands of photos that show people with bruises and swelling after undergoing orthognathic surgery.

After having jaw surgery, it is not unusual to have some pain or pressure in or around the areas of your jaw joint that were operated on. It's possible that this will feel similar to an earache. It occurs because the altered position of your jaw is putting pressure on the area around the joint in your jaw. In most cases, this will be gone in around two to three weeks.

Correction of a number of disorders of the jaw may need surgical intervention.

Surgery can be necessary for the patient if they have an open bite, which means that there is still some space between their jaws even when they aren't chewing anything.

Surgery is also an option for correcting a prominent underbite or a receding lower jaw, both of which are examples of dental irregularities. The results of corrective jaw surgery are permanent, and the procedure can cause significant changes to the facial characteristics. If you have a larger or smaller jaw bone, the shape and size of your chin, mouth, and cheeks will change as a result.

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